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Aug 29, 2008
.... is very expensive compared to Duwop in the sale on the Debenhams website. I know where I would be buying my products if I wanted any - it's a shame they do not do price comparisons.
I once bought a lip venom but by no means did I look like Angelina Jolie - more just like er, myself with lipgloss on (very sticky - ended up in the ends of my hair when windy!). So I'm probably not convinced -I'm such an old cynic......
Very poor reviews on almost all products do dont think i will even bother trying it out!
I think it's a fairly crappy range and absolutely not worth the money. Can't see it lasting for long on QVC.
Lip Venom is rubbish, do not waste your money, I did not exoect miracles but all it is is gloopy lip gloss that stings a bit
Do you remember the pupa range? I heard them rave about it at the time but it was rubbish. It was always on clearance price. Others to add to the bin Lord and Berry - I bought the eyeshadow set and it doesn't last, I'm not overkeen on any of the mascara's I've received even those in sets and that are an expensive range. Give me Rimmel anyday. On another note I do love Bare Escentuals and use this daily.
DuWop are famous for their Lip Venom, which you can make yourself using clear lipgloss and some cinnamon, clove oil etc. Anything that burns and makes the lips swell up. Thats all it does really. Lovely.

The rest of their rest is nothing special, Space NK used to sell it so I have seen the eyeshadows and palettes in real life.

Oh DuWop now own Stila it seems.
Couldn't bear the DuWop woman and AY trying to out screech / screech over each other last night. Had to turn off after 5 mins.

I tried Lip Venom when it first came out but wasn't impressed with it so never repurchased.
Ali Keenan put some lip venomon Dale during the BCC night. The poor man's eyes were watering!! Not the best advert for it but probably an accurate one!!!
i bought the lip venom trio last year one of the worst buys ever. It was sticky and made my lips sting.
I thought the models during the show yesterday looked awful. There was one product that was meant to bring out the colour of your eyes, the girls looked like there eyes were watering and someone had punched them in the eye. As for the Du Wop guest even more annoying than AY.
Yep. The Duwop lady is hard to to warm to somehow, isn't she?

I watched the lunchtime show where one of the models before and afters was no recommendation for the products at all! :eek:

In the "Before" she looked as if she could be my daughter and in the "After" she looked older than me. It aged her twenty years - at least!

I did get somewhat tempted by the foundation and powder though cos all of a sudden my Bobbi Brown is cracking / separating in my naso labial folds after a few hours and it is sooooooo not attractive! :eek: Eek Indeed!
I've got the DuWop blusher in apple (pink) and its really good. It give a lovely sheen - a bit like Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, so I would recommend the blusher!

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