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Aug 1, 2008
Has any one had trouble with them? My delivery did not turn up today so i asked in the live chat to check it for me and i was told that the delivery had been refused.I am mad as no card has been left from them to say that they had been and next door told me that no van had been in the drive today so it sounds like the driver is telling porkies or the rocks ghost refused the delivery as no driver spoke to me
I have not had this experience with DPD however, I used to work for a courier company (who shall remain nameless) and this happened frequently! It was mainly because the drivers are given an un-managable work load and get in trouble if they don't deliver. There was the odd occasion when it was a relief driver, just employed for the xmas period, who went to the wrong address and the occupant refused the delivery. Delivery companies have it rough at christmas but I will ever defend them as its not like they don't know what it will be like...they never seem to get prepared properly!!!!

Not that it ill help you but my current opinion of DPD is very good...I will keep a close watch on it and see if they decend into the same bad service most others do.
I have had 2 deliveries go out on the van and then be returned to the depot, the tracking status then said 'unable to deliver as not enough time'.

Hamptons OH was expecting a delivery last Friday and that never turned up either, dont think it turned up Monday or Tuesday either :eek:
The one who delivers in our area is really great, always smiling and friendly, and usually delivers about 1.30pm, and knows where to leave it if I'm not in.

DPD no problems so far!!! When gemstv used citylink however........I got that all the time!!! No card was ever left I phoned them up and they asked what colour my front door was. I said white and they said thats what the driver said.........but he had been here many times before so he would know that. Plus how many people have white front doors?????

Sorry.....got carried away there. Must say DPD have been very good.
My delivery man is a real sweetie and he brought me a replacement mobile phone today, for a change!
The one who delivers in our area is really great, always smiling and friendly, and usually delivers about 1.30pm, and knows where to leave it if I'm not in.


Me too I have a great delivery guy - who even worries if I dont answer the door so he waits and then leaves my package next door - I must be really lucky - of course I do see him more than my husband most weeks LOL :) I hope your problem is a one off
I know my DPD delivery guy and I went to school with him, if I'm not in when he calls he just leaves my stuff at my daughters.
My DPD delivery guy is a real sweetie to
He will pop my parcel through my porch window if I'm a work but always knocks first to see if i m there before hand
I had a nightmare when i bought from gems with the city link always had problems with them.
Fortunately I have always been in for deliveries. My DPD guy is a sullen monosyllabic lad who arrives after 4pm each day in a flurry of misery. Still, better a torn face than non delivery :54:
My dpd guy and I are now on first name terms he's here so often:1:
If I am not at home he leaves it in a safe place at the back of the house.

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