Double Delight Day


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Jun 24, 2008

Saw a trailer earlier for Double Delight Day, which is on Sunday.

Basically everything aired on Sunday is available for two easy payments.
IMHO,I prefer to pay in one go so it don't hit me over a few months, if I can that is.
I guess QVC have to do something to get people to buy things. I am looking forward to the Philosophy hour although the american woman who presents it now leaves me cold.
Lets hope they put some good shows/items on. Usually things are carp when they do this!

Just had a look at the TV Guide and there are Philosophy, Tova, Yankee Candles and In The Salon with Decleor shows that day.
Maybe the new Tova frgarance will be on easypay,in any case I will pay in full because I hate it the next month when it comes out your bank and you wish it didnt cos sometimes there might be something else that week you need the money for.

My Suarti last easypay came out two days ago and it wasn't easy lol. Wish I had payed it off in full at chrimbo.
Yes - it is not like they are actually giving us anything is it???

It would be good if they did buy one get one free, you get the same item twice, that way you get a free one you can give one away.
IMHO,I prefer to pay in one go so it don't hit me over a few months, if I can that is.

I prefer to do that too Dazzler, if I can.

I've forgotten to allow for the easy payments so many times in the past and can never remember which item I'm paying for and when. Also, they add up- a few pounds on several items per month can be a fair bit.

free p&p would be better

Now you're talking! And sadly, it's never going to happen. :(

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