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..... why don't RocksTV have a treatments page or declare what treatments have been applied to gemstones? I know in their book they say "assume treatments" and this is excellent advice BUT I'd rather know.

There was a gorgeous looking loose Rubellite earlier that went for a song. I didn't bid because I want to know about treatments. Similarly, the yellow sapphires.

Have I missed this info somewhere please? :wonder2:
Yes I have Sazza. That doesn't really help or indicate treatments for individual gemstones. For example if I were to buy a loose gemstone, what treatment has been applied. I'm assuming for the costs they're being sold at, everything. If not, I'll be gobsmacked and will then go on a spending spree if they're treatment free (sapphires I mean)! :grin:
I certainly don't have anything like Meeshoo's knowledge (or budget! lol) but would also be interested to have this info, certainly as regards the more expensive pieces & loose gemstones! :flower:
As regards, the lower/mid price items, I am presuming they have every enhancement going but the prices are so good & the choice so vast, it's hardly relevant & I would also presume this would be the same anywhere one purchased jewellery/gemstones?

I am only learning though & have a way to go before such things would be of any real relevance to me personally, so am mainly only interested from an 'interesting information' point of view at this stage! :flower:
If I were to consider an expensive stone for a customised piece of jewellery though, I would probably be considerably more 'interested'!

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