Does everyone else search the reviews?


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Jan 23, 2009
Don't know if this has been discussed but I frequently use the US site to check their reviews before buying. Do you?

Particularly useful for brand new items which have already been out stateside but also TSV's such as Smashbox and Philosophy have often been sold there first.

Doing this has saved me a lot of bad decisions so hope this helps someone else :45:
Good cos thought I might be stating the obvious. I find it great as there are usually far more reviews than UK.
I always check out the US site...... mainly for Honora Pearls and South Western Silver though.

It lets me see the new items before they eventually arrive over here.
But saying that we do get the odd thing over here first !
I also read reviews on QVC US ...... it is really helpful, especially when I was reading up on KVZ bags last year....... I was so surprised at the negative reviews, especially on the quality of zips, etc....... So it is a great idea to read up & get extra info on a certain item...... Makeup Alley is another fab site.... you have to register with them, but you then get access to tons of reviews on all beauty items & more...... Its well worth joining & has given me lots of help over the months :1:
Yes is another good place to look as many of the beauty brands not on amazon uk are on there.
i have sometimes checked the us site, partly because the video playback on the uk site never works for me! i find the us site quite helpful but probably rely on sites like sephora and amazon for filling in the gaps which qvc leave!
always have done for a couple of years now they are brutally honest and post dozens of reviews.
Thanks for raising this qvcAddict. Yes, I've done this. I find that when I want lists of ingredients for a product, the US sites in general are better than the UK. The UK seems to have a 'no need to bother your silly little head about that' attitude to the ingredients issue which bugs the h*ll out of me! There is, however, the notable exception of the truly all natural beauty brands available from sites in the UK, which are superb.

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