Does Anyone Remember the Sandstone Set with The HUGE Earrings?.....


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Oct 17, 2008
Well - I got them and loved the stones but it seemed a shame not to use the earrings somehow - so - I dismantled them :22:and remade the set "a la moi" lol :4::4::3:

I hope you like them.

The first pic is the original set without the earrings as I had already started to take them apart - the second pic is the necklet I made and the third is the earrings (well one of them!! LOL there are 2 and a bracelet)

There was one casualty in this which was one of my velvet cords which I cut up thinking it would be hollow like the velvet used in this set - but it wasnt :34::34::25: LOL oh well any excuse to start another basket lol.... x:rolleyes:

(I have just seen the photos and they look awfully red and black - they are actually Gold and Blue LOL - )


  • original sandstone set without earrings.jpg
    original sandstone set without earrings.jpg
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  • sandstone necklet.jpg
    sandstone necklet.jpg
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  • sandstone earrings.jpg
    sandstone earrings.jpg
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I got that set in black onyx and red jade...earrings still in box lol wish i was that creative...well done they look fab!
I have seen the set IRL, (BH's got it), and it's lovely, but you've made it totally WOW!!! Well done, it's gorgeous.

Wow Katieee I have this set and was just going to convert one of the earrings into a pendant but love what you have done to the necklace any tips on how to?
Katie what a clever person you are...the set looks stunning
much prefer your necklace and earrings to the original lol.

Mirabelle xx
Thank you for all your lovely comments - it is easier than it looks a bit fiddly at first but once u get goin it is easy just repetitious LOL - I shall write out the instructions and if you want me to send them to you just let me know - I think it took me about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete - but that includes figuring it out so if you have a bash it should be a bit quicker. The only thing I will say is that there is not enough of the black velvet in the necklace to make the whole necklet so I took apart the bracelet and remade it using the little black tube things off the earrings - it doesnt look quite right yet so I am working on it using elastic!! Oh well give me a day to write it out and draw the diagrams etc then I shall send to whoever wants it xxxx thanks again :):):D
I've got this too Katieee and wished it looked like yours ! Well done you - brilliant idea and it looks brilliant now.

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