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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Does anyone know how to pull up items/ search for items they have purchased on the new website?? I succumbed to a lovely smokey quartz ring last night, but can't search for an image on the web. Any help or suggestions please?

Heres the item code 974806

I don't think they have that service yet, which is a shame.

I have looked through their smoky quartz rings and cannot find it either.

Have you not got an email from them with the piccie on it?
Go onto their website and select any category from the shop on the left hand side of the page. Then right-click on an item and select "copy link location". Then paste the address that's just been copied, into the address bar.
You can change the 6 digit code at the end for different products. :)
Thanks all, can't get pic to show up and no email with pic included. The ring was aire last night directly after a Russian Diopside cross pendant which i also missed out on. Will have to wait till it arrives now, but was a central smoky quartz stone with diamonds i think either side :)

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