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I don't suppose theres any 10% off discount codes at all for TJC?

:35: That's actually a very good idea..

I have 4 discount vouchers from TJC that have run out, and I haven't used, the annoying thing is I DID buy a diamond ring in the timespan but oops forgot to use my voucher ..

I called Customer Care when I realised, but it was too late :17: apparently, you have you use your voucher at the time of purchase.. the operators can see you have the vouchers - I said why didn't they remind me?

Apparently, they are not allowed to, I know it's not a lot of money, but it sort of took the fun out of the whole thinga-me-bob!! The ring is lovely, but I keep thinking everytime I look at it "I wish I had remembered my voucher" :(

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