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Oct 26, 2008
OK - first post, and not normally given to ranting...BUT

I was watching this morning at about 1115, and the presenter (an Irish girl) was 'previewing' a tanzy pear cut ring with channel set diamonds.
She did say it from their R&C collection, but that they were gonna do it at a 'crazy crazy price' and that it would be going to double figures...YES - under £100..... (her words - not mine :6:)
My 11 year old thought that it looked gorgeous for her Mam for Christmas, so as soon as the auction started, I picked up the phone and started to dial.
I was waiting to be answered and the price dropped to £299....I was then thinking how long it was going to be until it dropped again...but then no - it was suddenly all sold out :-(

Now I was sure that it had said it was going for less than £100. - so I rewound the TV using Sky+, to make sure I hadn;t mis-heard - and no - she definitely said double figures and less than £100.
So -
Either it was a big cock-up with the price and rather than admit the mistake, the item got pulled - or we were deliberately mislead (which is against the law I believe?)
Either way - result is one disappointed daughter :-(


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