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Jun 26, 2008
I joined this forum because I liked the gentle banter and the sometimes irreverent jokes and comments about QVC and presenters/guests. I find it gives me some "light relief" from the depression that I am fighting (and beating !). I must admit that I'm as keen as the rest of you to express my views - complimentary or not !!.

But I've stayed away for a couple of days because of the nastiness of a couple of threads which you will all recall! I'm nervous about posting now in case I get a nasty response, which tbh I would not know how to manage.

Anyway, I'm back now and just about to catch up with all the fun. I do hope we can keep this forum light-hearted and not respond agressively to posts we don't agree with.

Linda xx
Glad to see you back. xxxx

Which threads? I am on here fairly often and don't recall any nasty ones. Then again I always miss the good ones lol.

You should never be nervous about posting hun, even is threads do decend into utter choas, this is a forum and every veiw point is welcome, wether it be popular or not, so long as it doesn't turn personal or aggressive.
there were a notable couple which resorted to a lynch-athon. just pathetic, pure and simple. :dull:
Hi Linda welcome back.

Glad you're winning your battle with depression. I too am a sufferer and understand how you feel. I read my posts through again and again to make sure that I don't offend anyone as I would hate to be on the receiving end of nastiness in return.

However, the majority of people on here can have their say and its all forgotten once a new juicy thread starts but I can understand your concerns. XX
I understand people's concerns but this is an internet forum - it will always be a place for lively debate, discussion and occasionally fall outs. On the flip side it's also a great community with many fantastic members.

We really are no different to any other internet forum in this respect.

We've had a couple of threads turn sour but I think perhaps people who are new here need to understand that the forum has been running for a long time now and we have our share of disgruntled ex-members who have been banned or who have left under a cloud, we also occasionally have people with ulterior motives who can and do post to achieve their own ends from the world of shoppingtelly. People aren't always what they seem and when you've been a part of a cyber community for a while you tend to learn this the hard way and it does make you cynical and suspicious at times when new posters seem to have an 'agenda'.

Believe me most of the members on here could tell you some stories about being duped on this forum.

Anyway not to put anybody off, for the most part this is a fabulous and friendly community and you don't have to look far to find that.

I've no wish to offend anybody but I am going to close this thread. Welcome back ERIC'S MUM :)
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