Did u all notice p&p crept back up?


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Sep 24, 2008
When the vat rate was reduced, so did the sit up postage (to generally £7.82 from £7.99) same thing with phone call chrge, they said a few times on air that was due to vat rate reduction.

However, a few weeks later, lo and behold, the prices crept back to normal. this cant be right can it?

I havent seen any price increase announced, crafty or what>?

Yes I noticed and am making a point of not buying from any of the Sit-Up channels any more.

I'd rather they charged a bit more for their so called auctions, instead of fleecing us with their postage charges.

I only ever purchased via the web anyway, as I refused to pay such a ridiculous amount on a telephone call.

They can send me all the emails they like, asking me why I haven't purchased anything for a while. I must get at least 3 per week from them.

I don't know if anyone from there reads these forum pages, but someone should point out that the viewing public isn't stupid and notice when they do things like this, seemingly without any notification.

There, rant over!!

Feel MUCH better now.
All so notice gems postage is now from £6;95 was £5;95 or extra £1 for dated delivery
I think very hard if I am tempted because of the postage.:12:
Beause its so high its not really worth returning most things so I have been stuck with quite a few items that dont fit or I just dont like.
My latest is two pairs of Tommy & Kate sandals. Lovely shoes but I would have needed to go down one size for fit. As the parcel is so heavy I wouldnt gain anything by returning them so they will most likely go to the charity shop. At least some of the T.shirts will fit me when I lose some weight:34::34:
I think they must lose quite a bit of custom beause of their postage charges.
It does seem very high for most things. if youre buying a little ring or pair of earrings then £7 or £8 is alot! thats why i havent been tempted....YET!!
What I really hate about these situp channels is when they say something is a pound or a fiver and how you have to get it for that amount. I know they are not lying or being deceitful but it just seems like a con when you then actually have to add another tenner for the rip-off phonecall and mega rip-off postage.

I wouldnt buy from them on principle!

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