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Jun 24, 2008
I bid and won a sterling silver multi gem ring for £10 ds2 said he will put some towards it for xmas bless! I think I will have to oder something else to justify the p and p, lol.
Slippery slope Angie, I'm being good at the moment after OH told me how much of the cc bill was going to Rocks:laugh:

Is it the one where the stones go across the finger Angie, baguettes?
If so it is really lovely, daughter has it and she hasn't taken it off yet!
It like strands of silver with 3 stones, citrine amber topaz, just a quick question, I went back on rocks and tried to login as it said log in, but it says I'm logged in even though I'm not!
Think it's one of their recurring gremlins Angie, it's happened to us all recently. You could try clearing your cookies and internet temp files, it might help.

Not the same as daughters ring but it sounds lovely, I bet you'll love it, well done son number two for offering to pay part at your Christmas pressie, I can't imagine mine would have done the same at that age!
Same happened to me, I upgraded the Abode Flash player to the latest version and that sorted it out.
Good on you Angie. Look forward to hearing about your next purchase(s)! Listen to the advice here.......you'll be buying a lot more. :D
ha I won a Amethyst and sterling silver bracelet as well for £7 but I've paid and checkout now, might keep my eyes peeled for a matching necklace nearer christmas.

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