Did anyone see Pirineu Tourmaline?


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Apr 15, 2009
Did anyone see/ buy the much-advertised Pirineu Tourmaline? I missed whatever show it was on. I haven't seen them selling any since, nor have I seen any comments about it here. Was it any good, or was it another hype?

Just curious! :thinking2:
I can't help a great deal Rubyrose but I did see a couple of pieces in passing, but they were a horrendous price. However they were gorgeous and if I had that sort of dosh I'd probably have been in there (the two pieces I have seen were big but costing in the thousands). I can't say about quality, but the colour was lovely - a rich teal green. xxx
I saw a couple, and I was disappointed. The pic on the website made it look like a vibrant, almost neon blue-green to rival paraiba, but it was nothing like. Argey's description "rich teal green" is accurate, but it wasn't bright.
I agree with Miss M. Much as I liked it there's no fair way it could be described as "neon". Why do these people insist on making these exaggerated and unnecessary claims. I thought it was beautiful as it was, didn't need any verbal embellishments. xx

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