Diamonique stretch silver bracelet what's it like?


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Di Monique

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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone got these? I always think they look quie nice, I'll order them later if anyone recommends them, be nice for a gift.:5:
same happened to me l was so annoyed as l loved it. Have had many replacements since but none of them sit right.
And another one where it stretched so it went back. It's a shame as it was really pretty but didn't want to risk it falling off without me noticing so it went back and I got a refund.
I have just bought a stretch toe ring off ebay - will be happy to let you know how I get on as you may find a better option on ebay?
i bought 2 of these this time last year, 1 has been fine but the other went baggy and was sent back. A replacement was sent out and that has been alright.
My Mum bought one and then one for me for Xmas so we have both had one for about a year. To be really honest we loved the look of them and they are very pretty, but neither of us wear them at all, as a consequence we've had no probs with bagginess. However my Mum wore hers today and you know how dull and dank it was and the bracelet really showed up, so maybe I'll dig mine out!

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