Diamoneek Day


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Jun 26, 2008
Anyone bought anything yet?
I've dipped in and out but everything's so ~big~ ("this would have cost 70 billion quid if it were real diamonds") And I would have thought they might have put more stuff on EasyPay what with the credit-crunch and all....:31:
i am surprised theres so much silver items have only seen a couple of yellow gold pieces so far got fed up watching been scouting the web now.
I agree ROC. I really don't like the stuff anyway so was forced into doing housework! I see IW are bringing out their own version of this late in the week. Can't wait.
I like Diamonique but have so far only bought some medium sized hoops, which I was looking for anyway. For this enthusiast there is lots of choice, but I'm trying to be sensible!
problem is with the silver stuff being so cheap means they wont put it on easy pay unless its like a crazy easy pay day or something special day

I know what you mean but they put loads of cheaper stuff on EasyPay for Beauty Day and I think they missed out on a lot of sales there from people who might have been tempted if it had been available. Me for one! :1:
if you want a list of gold diamonique just ask

People are quite capable of having a look on the QVC website for gold items if they wish to see them.

No , purchasing diamonique is not high on my agenda in the current financial climate.:scared::scared::scared:

Indeed!!! I have one piece of diamonique, the star from diamonique day last year and it is lovely but I have no plans to purchase any more pieces just now.

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