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Costs nothing to be nice!
Jun 24, 2008
Being off work with a stinking cold and feeling fed up I switched on to have a look at the Maricota Amblygonite hour on Gems. Oh how I wish I hadn't bothered - I feel much worse now after listening to Angeline's continuous ramblings about how it's taken them 4 years to find quality Amblygonite, how they may not have enough to last the hour, how rare it is, how it's only the fourth dedicated Amblygonite hour and may be the last ever etc etc etc!!! :Angry2:

Do they really think we are stupid???

1. It's taken 4 years to find it - are we really to believe they've been specifically looking for this gemstone for 4 years??

2. May not have enough to last the hour - well sack the flippin' planners then. Don't give us that crap there's plenty in your overpriced shop so if you can't work out how many pieces are needed for an hour or don't have enough pieces to fill the hour then don't put it on thickos! In fact I have just checked and there are 106 Amblygonite rings for sale in the shop so Angeline you have blatantly lied to the viewers!

3. Only the fourth dedicated show and may be the last - so what?? As if that's going to make everyone jump on the phone to buy it!! People will only buy if they like it not because we're told how rare it is etc.

In between all that she kept going on about how busy they were and how they have tens of thousands of viewers - so what??

In addition to all this she was acting like a schoolgirl over the Brazilian Dancer on the video screen behind her with stupid giggles and comments about her bum. Really unprofessional and the sort of behaviour that should be kept for the classroom.

Gems TV you really need to get your act together before it's too late. Getting some decent presenters would be a good start. Please stop going on about how little you're making on a piece or that you're making a loss on a piece - if we like a piece, the price is affordable and we want it then we'll buy it. Absolutely NOTHING that you say will make any difference whatsoever so please stop going on and on about rarity, high street prices, profit margin etc etc. WE DON'T CARE!!!!!
Feeling a bit rough, then, Klosblue
...get it all off your chest and hope you feel better soon

Get's on my wick, too. It's a fine line between embelishing and deceiving. I really wish presenters would take a card out of QVC's school of presentation style. I hate the high pressure sales pitch with the shouting and '...this could be your only opportunity...yadda, yadda, yadda...' and don't get me started on my overpriced ring!!!
I really like Angeline - she was very funny the other day - but I'm glad I didn't see all of that. I'd find myself shouting at the television and it's not good for my sanity.

There are 164 items of mc in the overpriced shop.

I'd put some smilies with this (or some non-smilies) but I still can't see them clearly. What happened to the other little emoticons (is that the right word?)?
I feel very sorry for the presenters who have been with gems from the beginning,namely Angeline Nick Lynn Rod and Drew, they were selling high market jewellery, to us punters at knock down prices. I remember a solitaire diamond ring which truly was sensational, the colours coming fom the stone on tv was amazing, I have not seen anything that comes up to that on any channel since,must be very difficult for them to go downmaket selling, which has happened over the last year. I watched Nick this morning selling a blue topaz & citrine silver ring it went for £14 with postage £20 I have seen simila style silver rings being sold on a market stall for £15.
Sizesof the silver rings also seem to vary, one lady pesenter on gems cannot remember her name, gold rings only fit up to the knuckle, however, a lot of the silver rings fit pefectly.
Hope you are feeling better today Klos.
The sales are obviously well down and so some sort of hard sell is bound to creep in, but it does really put me off as well.
It must be an enormous change for those presenters who have been there from the start and even with Snatchit! before that. However, it's their choice to stay so I don't feel sorry for them. If it had been me, I would have started looking for a new job a long time ago.
Hope you feel better Klos,
I too watched the Amblygonite show and got frustrated by the "we may run out" message. Also I wasn't impressed with the quality of the Amblygonite. If it's taken 4 years for that quality they needn't have bothered :-(
Hi Jacqualina

Do you maybe think "it's their choice to stay" is a tad harsh. These presenters have been with the company from the beginning, watching and being part of its growth. They have clearly strong bonds with one another and there's always the dreaded commitments. It's not always so easy to just up sticks and go.

I personally think its all a trifle tragic, and hopefully it can be worked through.

hope you're feeling a bit better today Klos. perhaps watching such shows is not good for your BP hun! hit the mute button and enjoy the gems.

let's face it, there's only so many things one can say about any given item being offered for sale, no matter how imaginative a presenter may be. Also, if they've been given instructions to push particular items, then they will have to follow through when presenting. the whole thing about GTV is how cheaply we can obtain the lovely gemstones on offer - and of course they are attracting new viewers all the time who may not be familiar with why GTV is such a good option for gemstone purchases. Every company has a "tag" to hang itself from - such is the nature of marketing.
Hi Argey,
Sorry if my comment sounded a bit harsh - it wasn't meant to be, but it really is the way I feel. If you work very happily for a company and its ownership changes and you don't like the new direction, it's time to look for other work. On the other hand, if you are still perfectly happy there, of course you would just stay - hence my not feeling sorry for any of them. They are all still quite young so a job/career change shouldn't be out of the question. I trained to become a teacher when I was 40 and my daughter is not happy with her job and has just applied to go back to university at the ripe old age of 25 to retrain for a complete career change.
It is sad about Gems, isn't it? I used to love it so much and looked forward with excitement to watching it whenever I could. Still, we have Rocks to look forward to now!
Perhaps see you there tonight (I'm Heff over there), though said daughter is home for the weekend, so might not get a chance to watch.
Hi Jacqualina,

Thanks for your reply, and I understand what you say.

Yes - I love Rocks and remember you from last night, now that you say your Rocks name. Probably just as well I'm not enjoing Gems anymore, couldn't afford to maintain two baskets. :53:

I'll look out for you later.


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