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Oct 16, 2008
Just for fun, and want to test my strength...Comparison between Rocks origianl description and mine. Which one would make you want to buy more?

AND I took the pics myself :54: (I wrote my own descriptions: if anyone wants to use it please discuss with me)

Comparison subject 1: SH702

Rocks description:
An alluring Black Onyx, displaying superb lustre, centres this incredible ring. Surrounding the Onyx is a halo of eighteen Marcasite gemstones all set into Sterling Silver. This simple. bold design was inspired by Madonna, who is always at the height of fashion.

My description:
This is a very gothic yet elegant design.
You will be able to find these two very contradicting elements
In the same ring.
The absolute darkness in the onyx
And the highly reflective marcasite,
Hand in hand they bring forward this elegance
And richness of black and brightness.

Are you going out in T-shirt and a pair of jeans,
Or with smokey eyes and a skeleton on your chest,
Or getting ready to get in a black dress?
Let your choice of fashion speak for you from your fingertips!
Marcasite carries the meanings of memoire and dreams,
It is said to bring forth flexibility, charm and warmth in a person.
Onyx is the birthstone for Leo.
It is said that the stone would enhance self-confidence and wave off fear,
Also helping one to find his directions.


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Comparison subject 2: CC857

Rocks description:
This stunning Coloured Rocks solitaire ring features over a carat of honey coloured Brazilian Citrine set in Sterling Silver

My description:
This is a very classic solitaire design.
And no matter how you decide to go with it:
Whether to go formal with a shirt and skirt;
Or to go with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans,
It could always satisfy you and sparkle nicely on your finger.
Has a very saturated hue - deep yellow near to pale orange.
Don't you just LOVE to have a bit of sunshine with you?
Citrine is the birthstone for November,
The stone of wealth, and it is said to enhance self-confidence and health.


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