Dennis Basso faux fur coats


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Jan 1, 2009
HI Everyone
I'm new to this site so hello and Happy New Year!
I've already got a couple of Dennis Basso macs which I love and want to save up for one of his faux fur coats. Does anybody here have one yet, if so what do you think of it?
Looking forward to lots more ST gossip!
I had one of his first tsvs and the quality wasn't that good - it was a mac, but it did what I needed it to do. However, you will probably find there is an awful lot of controversy about DB, because of his day job - furrier. I personally would not buy from his range again. BUT, I do eat meat, therefore I cannot see that I should object to using animal skins from animals that are bred and used for meat. I do however object to using skins from animals that are trapped in the wild or kept in intensive farmed systems purely for their coats
Hi LL, I have had a Basso hat quite recently, one of my friends has a basso coat, and they are lovely quality.
However, it's not a popular topic here, so be warned!
bought two of db coats and the quality i found varied a lot. in a negative way. but i would still try one again but i think its a bit of pot luck really.

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