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Aug 18, 2009
North Cornwall.
My Mum ordered a Tayberry coat from Ideal World about 2 weeks ago now and it has still not turned up. It's the first time she's ever shopped from Ideal World and so she's not sure when she might expect her coat to be delivered - there was no mention of a delivery estimate in her order confirmation email. She emailed customer services to ask about it several days ago and they still haven't replied. Can anybody tell me if this is a reasonable amount of time to be waiting for it to turn up? I've never ordered from them either so don't know what to expect.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm afraid deliveries from IW can be very 'hit and miss' and the lack of response to emails, etc. leaves a lot to be desired.

I waited almost a month for something to arrive once - just hope your Mum's order turns up sooner than that!
Thanks for your responses. Mother finally got a response from customer services today - her coat is being dispatched from the manufacturer. As a result of her inquiry Ideal World have requested the manufacturer dispatch it soon and have said it should be sent out within 48 hours. Fine. But we're just wondering whether they would have bothered chasing up the manufacturers, had my mum not emailed them in the first place. A little bit of forewarning might have been nice too :thinking2:

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