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Gem Genie

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Jul 30, 2008
North East Wales
Why do they take so long?

I ordered the Rio Nail Kit on the 6th and was told it would probably take 15 days. Even that I thought was too long.

Now, I see that the expected delivery date is 25th August.

Don't they keep things in stock?

Wish I hadn't bothered now.
I placed an order with IDW, but am still waiting for it, can anyone tell me how you track an order on their site, as I dont seem to be able to, wish I had not bothered now.
Rosylee, if you login at the top of the site that should take you to your order history. from there click on the order you're concerned about.
Thanks chess, but it says directory listing denied, and their is nothing on the page, so unable to sign in.
Don't think I can help, but it might just be worth logging in on the Create and Craft website. I've occasioanlly had a problem with the IW site and got in fine on the C&C one. Otherwise, you need a techy!
Thanks Chess, have just managed to get on by logging in on the Create and Craft site.

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