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Jun 24, 2008
Just seen this message on certain items whilst searching online: "Delivered for Christmas" - apparently if you order an item displaying this, it will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Sounds too good to be true, eh?

Only time will tell.

NB There are some restrictions like sending to the UK mainland and paying with a credit/debit card.
Don't rely on them keeping this promise I have been let down by them 2 years running!
When I ordered the Emu Bronte boots yesterday, the lady in CS said it will be with you by 24th!!!! Now of course it could be January she meant.:18:

They must be sending out by 1st class now, they do that after a certain date in December.
'Delivered for Christmas' is a bit of a bold statement - with the best will in the world, it's outside the hands of QVC once a parcel has been sent

I'm sure that they've said 'dispatched in time for Christmas' in previous years!
I ordered a feather bed the 12th, says shipped but no sign of it yet :(
I haven't ordered from QVC for ages now, but one Christmas I ordered a Molton Brown TSV, which was a few weeks before Christmas, and it eventually arrived on Christmas Eve!! Just as well, it was a present for someone.

Some items I have ordered in the last week arrived in two days - and not tiny jewellery items either! Hopefully this will continue.
Bumped up!

Not my order it seems! Despatched last Friday and assured yesterday by CS, my Charlie Bears Collectable Bear still hasn't arrived!!! mysmilie_1476

A present for my grandaughter and paid £4.45 for the p&p........what a rip off.
Now CS is closed, somebody's going to get my full wrath on Boxing Day! mysmilie_711

And I shall be contacting Royal Mail as well as its 4.30pm and expect all deliveries are finished by now! :mad:

I'm very you can probably tell.
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