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Jun 29, 2008
I received some goodies today which I am mostly pleased with :). Firstly this very pretty amethyst and marcasite brooch which, although smaller than I thought it would be, is well made and well worth the £29 I paid for it, eventually. I dumped the one I had got from the personal shopper for £45 after I'd checked out this bargain ;). Just think I almost paid £54 to get it out of the shop :eek:.


Then, I was really pleased to see how pretty this chrysoprase and marcasite pendant was and the magnifier behind it will help my poor eyesight (look at the fluff on the velvet bag I missed!)


The thing is I really wanted this turquoise ring but I'm just not sure now. The price was very good at £20 but I can't help but be disappointed as the turquoise is not quite what I expected. I have compared it with a turquoise earring that is part of a pair I love. The ring looks dull and patchy in comparison...I'd welcome opinions :).


I agree with Anne Huggles lovely pieces but the turquoise ring does not look like normal turquoise colour - If you love the style why don't you ask for a replacement.
Oh dear Huggles, I'm in the minority here, I actually prefer the colour of the ring to the earrings, just looks more interesting to me :D
Ok have had a mooch around and it can vary from sky blue to green depending on the quantities of iron and copper within it. It can be sky blue from Iran or greener from Tibet , it is greener from Mexico and the USA.

The only thing that matters is wether or not you like it. I happen to love it from the picture but I am biased as Turquiose is my fav gem along with Lapis.
I actually like the colour of the ring, but TBH I would never had guessed it was turquoise. :eek:

Love the other two pieces and my buying finger has hovered over the buy now button a couple of times for that pendant! :D
Thanks for the comments one and all...decision has been made, back it goes. I've got another turquoise ring in my basket which I'll try. At £19 it's worth a look :D.

At least the Victoria range is as good as it looks on the tv and I would recommend it to everyone...don't hesitate, Lynda, you won't be sorry :).
good decision huggles - hope you won't mind me saying but I thought the other ring did not quite suit your hand.

I'm a fan of the more neon turquoise but rarely wear it for some reason. silly really when part of my enjoyment of visiting Arizona was to hunt out pretty pieces lol.
No, I don't mind you saying Sammi...that photo was way too big and you're right the ring really isn't flattering, lol. That's what I like about, it's members give you honest opinions and that's what I wanted :).
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Loved the brooch,I find them really handy to enhance a dress etc.I love turquoise too as I am a redhead and find it a good colour against my hair and skin.Tend to like the colour of the earrings you have as I know that colour would suit me best. I have some opal earrings (created opals cos they tend to more blueish) whenever I wear them people remark on the lovely colour. Its all a matter of personal taste I suppose.

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