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These arrived a couple of weeks ago and I was really looking forward to their arrival. £297

So I tore open the packaging and then went "oh" (not in a great way). The diamond earrings (which are set in 18k white gold and are VS and G in colour) through the packaging had absolutely no sparkle and no fire.

I've tried to recreate what I saw here - the flashes are from the gold rather than the diamonds but can you see how they're flat?

Eh? How can VS, G colour diamonds not perform? Well if they're cut badly that's one possibility but I could see enough to know that wasn't the case.

I was reluctant to open the package so I phoned CS and spoke to a Manager. He was as flummoxed as me and suggested that as I was on the phone I should open the package just to see and if they were still dull as dishwater I could return them.

So, I snipped open the package and out they came. WOW! What a difference. The sparkle was amazing and just like you'd expect from VS diamonds! Can you see what I mean? Also, please bear in mind that my camera also never really captures fire well so they actually look much better than the video suggests.

I am shocked at how much the plastic bag dulled the diamonds. Really shocked actually. Needless to say they're keepers (especially as they're well over the minimum stated weight and in total I've got about .85ct)!

I know the Manager quite well and he was as surprised as me at how the packaging has affected the look - I'm pretty sure that some of these will have been returned because of it. Anyway, he's promised to speak to the powers that be about the packaging and hopefully if they see this, they'll understand that a change is needed.

I hope you found this interesting.
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Lovely earrings Meeshoo and very interesting story. Gems must get soooo many pairs returned because people can't see them properly and aren't prepared to risk opening the stoopid plasic packaging. Hopefully your experience will actually encourage some action from the manager you spoke to.
This is great news. We've long said that something needs to be done about the packaging and not being able to open earrings to see what they're like before making a decision. You've proved the point with these earrings. Had you not opened them, you would have sent them back. You and how many others? Now these were'nt cheap earrings either, so that's Gems losing sales of £300 a time, which I'm quite sure they cannot afford to do, especially in these troubled times. Let's keep our fingers crossed that at last something will be done.

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