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I love the look and the concept of these as I throw out shameful amounts of fruit and veg each week and reckon these might save me money.
Do they work or are they just a money-wasting gimmick?
They work to some exent, but in my experience bananas look fine but quickly go soft inside, spring onions go soggy just the same as if I put them in a polythene bag, maybe they last a couple of days longer - it seems to be very important that the veg/fruit is absolutely dry and that's not easy to achieve.

Quite good for tomatoes on the worktop.

Top tip: buy Sainsbury's organic carrots and reuse the bags - they are brilliant!

i use them all the time as i live on my own and don't always use everything up so the bags have been great for me i had some carrots in the fridge in one of the bags and they lasted 4 weeks forgot they were in there and i put my potatoes in them as well and the last weeks, just ordered some more. :)
Thanks clemenzina and littlemix- might take the plune, after all, I have the famous 30 day mbg!!
We call spring onions scallions in N Ireland- a useless bit of information for you!
I bought them previously with high hopes for them working fantastically, but in all honesty, I don't think they're as good as they make out. Things really don't seem to keep any longer in the bags than they do in normal poly bags (especially salad). So I'm a disappointed customer who won't be forking out for them again.
I love the look and the concept of these as I throw out shameful amounts of fruit and veg each week and reckon these might save me money.
Do they work or are they just a money-wasting gimmick?

I bought these (or an earlier version) when they first came to air and sent them back as I found them to be absolutely useless. I'm sure I've read similar comments each time they're shown. The concept is a great idea and I can understand people being swayed by the sales pitch, especially with the costs of food rising so rapidly, but I wouldn't waste my money on them.
Was quite disappointed with them too, veggies lasted only a few extra days than without or in a normal bag. I much prefer putting my tomatoes, peppers...etc in the large LL boxes, and they can keep for weeks there.
The worst of all is the debbie meyers gold bags, they were just awful! Bread, cookies.... should have stayed fresh and crispie for weeks, but after 1 day they got mouldy.
Mmmm, I think I'll just have to do my shopping a bit more carefully. (And save my money for Liz Earle, what do you think, BL????) :D
I have the Debbie Mayer Green boxes which I assume work on the same principles as these bags?
The boxes do work - I did my own experiment in the fridge!!!
I find the big green boxes great for keeping bread fresh.
I dont think I'll buy the bags though cos I know the men in my life will just throw them away!
I agree with you Clemenzina - the fruit looks great - but is over-ripe inside.....I gave up with the bags - too fiddly for my liking - I now use the Fresh Pods from Ideal World - they just go in the salad drawer in the fridge - much easier
I haven't tried any of these but the gold bags for bread were pants! It went mouldy FASTER than in the bread bin!!! Put me off the whole range, TBH
I couldn't live without my green bags! I've used them for about a year now although it is a bit hit and miss with what works.

They are great for apples, lemons, grapes, broccoli, new potatoes, courgettes, cauliflower (cut into florets first), carrots, tomatoes and peppers.

Not good for bananas, mushrooms and salad (although the green boxes are good for salad).

You just have to remember to fold them over at the top (not twist them or tie them) and I keep everything in the fridge. Then turn them inside out, wash with cold water only and re-use them about 8 times each side.

Everyone used to laugh at me with my fridge full of green bags but now all of a sudden since all our food bills shot up they're ringing me up asking "where did you say you got those bags from" and "how do they work again?" :)

I was so pleased with them that I went for the gold ones but they were RUBBISH as mermaid says, everything went mouldy really quick so they went back! They also had some green bags with a zip slide top and they weren't as good either.
We use the Lakeland Green bags and for carrots, turnip, cauli and brocoli and they work really well!!!
I remember Lakeland's being mentioned before as better than Debbie Meyer bags. I keep thinking I'll get some but never get round to it.
I still use the green bags I bought in the outlet store and they do keep some fruit and veg fresher for longer.
I have one of those little genie things in my fridge which I bought from qvc and its great you just change the batteries so no need for all these bags :D

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