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Jun 24, 2008
Kanban Christmas Patchwork Pals TSV.
I don't have an item no. I'm sure someone will find it out for those interested.


I've seen the number somewhere possibly on Craft Telly. It was coming up with the CS message on the QVC website.
ahem naughty SCW - be fair it was Vimto on who found the TSV:cheeky:...but you did find the card kit which she ordered and found out about the item number and TSV!
Look on KANBAN own web site , click on QVC and Christmas PALS is there now.

Thanks for the info. Just had a look and I HATE it. Just can't take to cutey style cards. I honestly don't know to whom I could send this type of card. Don't think any family members or friends would appreciate them at all. Very childish.
It's a good price but I still hate it. Don't like any 'characters' on cards, or cartoony type images. Hope it sells out quickly so that we can have some OTOs!!
I like it - it makes a change to have something cute for Christmas craft! I mean, I love my Anna Griffin very serious, beautiful Christmas card stock but I also happen to like cute!
minority craft?

nice to see children with hydrocephalaus* represented in a card kit.

Jude xx

* I sincerely don't mean to cause offence to anyone afflicted with this terrible condition
I must say I like the cute images for a nice change but more so the price of a craft TSV is a very welcomed change.
The only problem I don't have call for so many cute images.
Would be happy to share but won't buy all for myself.



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