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Oct 8, 2008
Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire
On Tuesday, I had a quick shufties at the Prai OTO on the web, and ordered it. Then I went back to read what I had ordered. Silly I know, but I thought the OTO would sell out quickly. When I realised the tiny sample sizes in the kit, I decided paying £41 odd was far too much.

I went downstairs, phoned customer services, probably no longer than 10 - 15minutes after I placed the order, but they wouldn't let me cancel it. :doh:

I was told the package was now in the warehouse and basically they could not stop it. I thought the package would be in the warehouse anyway, and they would move them out of the warehouse to ship.

So I am going to lose money simply because I didn't read the sizes properly. Am a bit fed up. Why do you think, they can't cancel an order if it is in the warehouse? I am quite puzzled by that.
I've cancelled an order up to an hour after ordering before. They are just banking on you not bothering to return it!
I have regualarly cancelled orders.Sometimes its up to an hour after ie I've watched a whole show before deciding its not for me,although I normally do it in about 15 mins - like you I've been swept away with the presentation and then go and read the reviews...Have to say its never been a problem.

Like you,if I knew I didn't want it,I'd be a bit miffed to pay postage there and back,because 15 mins later,I couldn't cancel it.
That has happened to me a couple of times lately and when I phoned to cancel they told me it had already been processed and not to accept the parcel. I wasn't too impressed. As you say, they are probably hoping that most people will just hang on to their item rather than be bothered to return it.
I tried this after ordering very late one night, reading the reviews early next day and calling at 8.30am to cancel. Same story as you, order already passed to warehouse and couldn't be cancelled. I sent a following email and advised them at time of call I was officially cancelling the order. I still had to pay postage but it wasn't classed as a return.
ive heard u just refuse the itme when the postie delivers it, then they have to rafund you and you shouldnt have to pay postage on it
I phoned and cancelled my order about half an hour later and they cancelled it no problem. I have had a similar instance when I tried to cancel a while later and was informed that it was too late. I think they make it up as they go along.
Don't know if this will help, but if you look at "my account" online and select the order number, you will be able to tell if the card authorisation has been obtained. If it still says "change payment method" in bold font , the card has not been authorised and you can cancel. However, if the message is not there, you can't, as they have earmarked the transaction and can't pull it back.
HOWEVER-this is not to be confused with the easy-pay message which is similar, but not in bold font-that one gives the 0800 phone number after it too, as you can change card details for easy pay items at any time.
Hope this helps for the future, but yes-why on some days does it take them 15 mins to process an order, whilst on others it takes 2 days??!!
you have 7 days with Amazon I believe, I have cancelled with QVC when I have got carried away, ( i blame the snake charming techniques that hypnotise me to think I cannot live without an item, only to come to my senses when I turn the tv off) I had no trouble, so it does seem a bit random
Are you allowed to cancel using the distance selling regulations...?

i thought you had an official 7 day "cooling off" period when you cancel as long as you send an official written request to cancel - letter or email etc....

Yes it does apply with QVC,just tell them you want to cancel under the DSR and you will get a full refund on return but you are still responsible for the return of your unwanted item.

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