Costume jewellery on bid tv?


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Jun 27, 2008
I've never taken any notice of the Sit-Up channels, but I just decided to have a browse and saw some cosume pieces that looked really nice.

Now it's not usual for me to buy costume jewellery, but I do occasionally make exceptions!

What is the costume jewellery from these channels like? Is it any good, or is it utter carp?
hi, cant really comment on costume jewellery but it is very well priced, u can return it and refunds are within a few days. u have14 days to return. i buy lots of other things and have an opal ring coming tomorrow. i would advise though, depending on the item they are normally cheaper in clearance bargains section, they are not returns just how they word it. however if u see an item what i do is see how much it is in web games then compare it pricewise to a tv scheduled game. for example my ring i got at my entry bid of the lowest i could bid at and on tv it went 30pounds more, but sum tv games can be cheaper.. usually when tv vviewers are depleted such as when x factor or sumthing else is on.

if u get me.

suzy x
Thanks, suzy... It is a web game, and the lowest bid is £12. Might as well go for it!
I remembered tonight, I do have a piece of thier costume jewellery, and its lovely, though sadly dont wear it...

this is it, a swarovski (though i dont have cert showing this) panther bangle 18ct gold plated..


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ok, so it isnt costume jewellery, but i did say i would post pics of my latest aquisition from bid tv.
It is an opal ring in 9ct yellow gold, i really love it, though i have to admit i have only ever bought white or mintabie opals, so im not altogether sure what opal these are, i assume black?

anyway, they gleam and beam all colours, even reds, the diamonds are very sall but are not what i bought the ring for so it mnakes no odds, it was a snip at £61.

see what u think... this post is really for anybody considering buying from sit up channels.

these are not taken in natural daylight, but show a varying indoor light, i can only imagine (as i got the item wen had fin work and opened parcel this eve) that they will be amazing in sunshine.

the link to the item has gone now but there is 1.16 total carat of opal each at approx 5x3 mm.


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That looks great for £61 - really nice opals. Thanks for the heads up - perhaps I'll try them!

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