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Jun 24, 2008
i have put the try me on cheque hold, can any one let me know how much it holds please. thought it would be good for rice puddings and crumbles but don't want it if it doesn't hold enough.
I got one of the try me price buffet pans and it is very good, holds more than you would think and perfect for lots of things - I have used it for making curry, soup, pasta sauce etc. When it was delivered the man mentioned he had delivered lots of them, they must have some offer on - but I think its more to do with the fact they are such good pans. I've got two now of different sizes and use them most days.
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I have 3 similar to this but they are shallower,you wont go far wrong with that pan.
I've just bought this. It is actually rather bigger than I expected, but its a great pan. Looks nice too, and I can see it's going to be useful for a whole variety of things.

I do lots of stir-fries and this is easier than getting out the wok.

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