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Sep 11, 2008
Has anyone tried these knives?

Im looking for good knives that take a sharpening, seen these and i was tempted but was wondering if anyone has tried them and could let me know how they are. :6:
The problem with these are that they are very difficult to sharpen, due to the serrated edge of the knifes. Nice and sharp to start with then they become blunt.

Mine have been a bit disappointing.
I have a set that I cannot fault. Would recommend. And can be sharpened quite easily. Certain they are not serrated though. Yes the prepology sandwich one was but thats all.
I've got them and I think they're great.

Snoopy is the expert on sharpening -- I think he said they didn't need it. But I'm sure Malcolm-with-the-funny-hair* said he would give details of how to sharpen them on his website. Which was down, when I tried to look.

(*the Lock & Lock man....)
Thanks for your opinions folks, i bought what i thought was a good set of knives a couple of years ago (they werent exactly cheap), they wont cut butter, they wont sharpen and ive even had them sharpened on a stone and they still wont stay sharp.

Not sure what to do, i cant decide, although they do have the MBG so maybe i should just take the chance :15:
i have the khohatshu knife from qvc and a stellar shantuku similar shaped but the steel on the qvc one is a lot thinner being japanese. this should in theory make them hold the edge better as the steel is really strong. i like my stellar one but this is a lot heavier like a german made knife. i would sharpen my knife every time i use it and i now do as i have a sharpner

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