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Jul 29, 2008
Plant earth....I think!

I visited the IW web site today to do some shopping, but found it very confusing.

I typed some of their best selling products into the search engine and it kept saying

" no such products found"

The products I typed in were sh*te and crap....but again no confused, after all, its all they sell........:1::1::1:
Oh that really made me laugh Haggismuncher keep up the humour it does us all good !
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Know what you mean. I placed an order on net last week, to get the instruction "error in placing order, please save details" etc etc. Using past experience, I didn't, but the day after, the order did appear on my account. Same happened today, so I rang CS, only to be told "check your bank to see if it's been taken". As it's too late by the time it's been taken, i asked if she could see the item on my account, to be told "it'll only appear in 24 hours" !!!! If they can't sort their own wensite out, there's no hope for us is there.

P xx

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