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Nov 16, 2008
I got my first ever 'confirmation of order' via email today, after I ordered the TSV through my red active button.

How long have qvc been doing this? Or is it because I complained when they lost an order that I had ordered via the red active button prior to this?
I think they started doing it a month or two ago but I think people have said its a bit hit and miss
I order on the web and have received e-mails for past few weeks.Then they send another e-mail when order has been shipped.Personally I find them a bit of a nuisance as they clog up my inbox and I can find out what I want to know from my account on QVC site.
I order by web or phone and have had emails for some orders and not for others - it is very hit and miss. Sometimes you get one saying the item has been shipped and sometimes not. They have been sending them for the last 2-3 months.
2-3 months? Ah, that is when I started to recover from my addiction to QVC. I'm in remission at the moment, I'm only allowed to watch and buy when it is something I really want!
I had my first acknowledgement of order on Thursday, but am still waiting for confirmation that the item has been sent. Think this just shows that its not the couriers and royal mail to blame for slow delivery, maybe it is QVC who just dont despatch as quickly as they say
I generally order using QCut, although I occasionally buy via the website, and I've received confirmation emails for everything I've ordered, since they were introduced. I have also had an email for each item to tell me it's been despatched ...... so far, anyway.

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