Come and see what I've got!!


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Jun 25, 2008
Lancashire lassie
Right folks....thought it's about time I showed you me wares!

Apologies in advance if the piccies are a bit rubbish.........

Here goes......

Mystic Topaz bought on openeing night for £20.....lovely,I like this.
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:) Im useless at photos ,ive only managed to geti mine as far as my profile box,i think i to had the mystic topaz ring on launch weekend its lovely isnt it?? look forward to your pics
yay, well done :jump:

You can re-size them in photobucket before you copy the link - I think you click on the photo to open it, and then click on the re-size tab along the top of the photo and chose which size you want :D
i got that ring too sweetpea its gorgeous am on the hunt for earrings pendant and bracelet to match now lol :D
I've got quite a few more to show you yet but I cannot work out how to get them a bit smaller. I just post the HUMUNGOUS pics:eek:

or shall I keep trying to get 'em smaller??

You you like 'em big or small?;)
Big it is then!


White Topaz pendant £14.....quite sparkly to my surprise,will look better with a tan!


Citrine £11 lovely warm,blossom honey colour,again more sparkly than I expected.


Garnet £11....I had previously considered garnet to be a bit dull,how wrong was it!


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How did that work?.....gosh I'm confuddled!!!:rolleyes:


Swiss Blue topaz in rose gold £22......the topaz from rocks is so sparkly!

Blue Topaz and marcasite,can't quite believe that I managed to nab this beauty for £ different to what I would normally wear but I love it,wearing as I type!


Multi gem pendant £9...I like it but not sure I'm keeping as yet,the amethyst dangles between my not so impressive boobies!

Russett pearl £11....very different for me,sits nicely close to the finger

I think that's all folks.........goodness it's been hard work!!:D

Apologies for my if I don't buy anything else I could afford to get them done!
Well done sweetpea - you have some lovely pieces :)

I would never have gone for the blue topaz and marcasite ring if i had seen it on Rocks but it looks lovely seeing it on your finger :)
Great pics! loved the size and the ring in the first pic - the others I am just getting my eyeglass in to see!!!:D:D only joking:D

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