Coloured Rocks what do you think of them?


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Jan 20, 2009
Am new to all this... I wanted to know if anyone had brought anything from Coloured rocks lately and what they thought of it
Hi Peridot Princess - welcome to this forum.

I have bought quite a bit from Rocks and cant fault them - they have some fabulous pieces at really great prices and their customer services is second to none so you can buy in confidence that if you dont like it when you receive it you can easily return it with no problems.

If you are interested a lot of us post pictures of our purchases on here so you can have a look at things in a non studio setting and see honest comments -

I do buy a lot :D which I wouldnt do if I wasnt more than happy with the quality, service and prices -

That is my personal opinion - I am sure I am not alone - I hope that helps :)
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Hi there Peridot Princess and you're very welcome to the forum. I can only reiterate what katieeee has already said as I've bought quite a bit too, both for myself and for presents. If I haven't been delighted with what I've bought it's gone back and I've got my refund.

If you have a good look at the posts in this section of the forum you will meet some of the lovliest, blingiest people ever. I've never got the hang of posting my pics but I intend to try tomorrow when my latest parcel arrives. :)

By the way, this forum is every bit as addictive as jewellery! You've been warned. ;)
Have bought about 100 pieces been very happy with the service, the staff, the prices in fact everything.
They have a very good returns policy so give it a try.
Hi and welcome to the forum, ive bought quite a bit from rockstv and everything has been great, their customer service is outstanding, cant wait to see piccies of your bling
Hi and welcome Peridotprincess. Same comments from me ... the jewellery is excellent the customer service even better. I have a ridiculous amount of pieces from rocks and on the odd occasion something wasn't to my liking the no quibble returns policy covered it. Give it a go and see for yourself - have fun choosing your first piece.
Hello Peridot Princess and Welcome!!!!

I am probably Rocks/Coloured Rocks number 1 fan!!! I found them about a week after they launched, and have since purchased a good couple of hundred pieces from them.

I have NEVER had to return a single piece, such has been the quality of the pieces, and such has been the loveliness of everything I have had!!!

I have had a couple of problems with delays on orders, but with the amount of orders I have placed, you have to expect that, and I have to say, when there has been any kind of a problem, it has been resolved exceptionally quickly and efficiently. I have also found that if I have a special request regarding an order I have placed it has never been a problem to arrange...indeed when you deal with the staff at Rocks, it is very much as though nothing is too much trouble for you!!!

The staff are wonderful, the prices are outstanding, and the pieces themselves are fabby!!!

All in all, they are the best of the Jewellry sites/channels, IMHO!!!

....can you tell I like them?!?! Lol!!!
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I have only been on for about 6 months but have bort loads lol! the quality is fantastic, my downfall is Marcosite and every bit I;ve bort is so beautiful! CS is outstanding!

Bubbly x
Have they been going 6 months yet??? I've been on there since September anyway (and would have been sooner if I'd known...) Have returned a few items but only because they didn't suit me...

Be warned - you'll spend far more than you intended!:53:
I joined since Sept, spent some fortune, sent back some coz don't suit me .

Bought about 100, not including sent backs, most off to friends who are well-satisfied, and keeping the rest.

I was a stone picker for a relative before, and very picky, to extremes, with gems, and I would still highly recommend RocksTV to you. Though I did send some back due to my own standards, don't be put off by it, as I've mentioned that I am extremely picky with gems.

And yes, as people before me have said, BE WARNED, you'll be spending more than you intended ;)
They've been going since late July and I was there the first night of the beta weekend, it was great fun then as it is now.
I'm not a prolific buyer but what I have purchased both for myself and for pressies all have been pleased with.
hi peridotprincess i agree with all thats been said bought 1 or 2 pieces myself oh ok loads lol all good staff very helpful

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