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<img src="/images/discount%20voucher.jpg" border="0" alt="Couloured Rocks" title="Coloured Rocks Discount" hspace="3" vspace="3" align="right" />Dear all at<br /><br />This Thursday we are making some really big changes to both the Coloured Rocks website and our Rocks.TV website.<br /><br />Based on feedback we have received over the previous two months and in preparation for the arrival of our new range of top quality Tanzanite, Pariba Tourmaline, Colour Change Garnet and Alexandrite, our sales format will be dramatically changing .<br /><br />As a way of saying a big thank you to everyone at for your continued support, all orders placed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the <a href="" target="_blank">Coloured Rocks website</a> - will receive a 5% discount. Simply type STCOM5 in the basket at checkout. Plus, due to the CREDIT CRUNCH, we have drastically slashed all of our prices.<br /><br />Happy gem hunting<br /><br />Steve Bennett<br />Co-Founder<br /><br />
Am I the only one worried about the change of sales format?
I love the rising price auctions, I hope they're not going.
But thanks for the discount!!!

I have to admit i am Anne, who knows where this is going long term.
Am I the only one worried about the change of sales format?
I love the rising price auctions, I hope they're not going.
But thanks for the discount!!!

My thoughts exactly, I hate those falling auctions with daft ****** sirens going off whilst we wait for the "drop"
I am another who hope the auction format is not changing.

What is it they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it"
thanks for the discount just when i thought there was no more i needed lol
I to hope the format dosent change
When are they going to say what's happening? I'm not surprised things are changing tbh, can't see how they are keeping afloat at the moment.
Nice to have a little discount though...
Nice to have the discount:1:

Hope the format doesn't change too much, current format is what makes them different
Barry said there would be an annoucement at 5.00pm on Thursday. Wonder if they will change the format, things seem to have been a bit slow this week, with some items, usually the higher priced stuff going ridiculously cheap. Some of the other items, like the bead necklaces, seem to have gone a lot higher - did anyone see the peacock pearl lariat go for £35 on Tuesday!!!

I suppose if they change to a falling auction format, they'll maybe start making a bit of money.

Steve did say on air a while back they he didn't expect to make any money until 2010 - perhaps the bank or his backers have other ideas.

Watch this space!!

No catalogue tonight? Guess it's all starting earlier than I expected!
I can't help but notice that Steve seems to have bought the expensive stones on his recent buying trips. I doubt that they want to be losing bigtime on paraiba and alexandrite, so I'm guessing that whatever the change of format is going to be, there is no way that we're getting them for zero! Fair play to them, obviously the losses must be mounting up and no-one wants them to go bust. But I do worry that they'll end up as just another outlet like the others, hope they don't lose their unique selling points.
I can't believe I'm going to miss "the announcement" due to being still at work. Maybe I'll have to sneak a peek...if I can get away with it!
I'm not usually up at this hour, so I'd thought I'd have a look at the catalogue, as you say, it's not there, wonder what that's all about!!!


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