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Malcom and Jules are doing the Lock and Lock routine,yes i bought some more :54: Colin the T caller comes on for a chat :33: hello says Jules i hear you have allready got some Lock and Lock,yes says our pal Colin and i have a problem,Malc and Jules's face both take on an oh **** expression :53: Colin says one of your unbreakable hinges has broken on mine,No probs says Jules just call CS,i have done says Colin they didn't want to know :eek: good for Jules he got rid of him quick and even gave him the name of the CS rep he would be speaking to :D was lovely to witness your one and only T call Colin made my day :)
Would love to have heard that! Oh, and before Mrs James comes along and asks - NO, it wasn't my Colin.......he's not allowed to use the phone on Tuesdays!!!!:54:
that must have been really funny - one of the positive sides of live tv. I love it when they are demonstrating something and it falls apart or doesn't work.
One of the hinges on my L&L box broke ... but I did knock it off a high shelf on to a tiled floor :52:
I was watching too (was going to start a thread but at 4.00 am too busy getting kids tea etc - don't get time to spend on computer) Jules was soooo embarassed. It was the way when colin said he had broken the hinge (unbreakable!!) Jules jumped in quickly to say no problem just call our cs and they will sort you out - when Colin said he had done this and they didn't want to know Jules and Malcoms faces were a picture!!!

Go Colin go.........

He had obviously not told the switchboard what he was going to say.

We must find Colin and get him to join us - if you know anyone called Colin please ask if it was them......

Maybe we could start at campaign - Find Colin :thumbsup:

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