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Jun 24, 2008

Just to let you know there is a Clientele TSV on Thursday 4th of December.
OH NO I HOPE NOT/. i have more than enough of the soya wash that i give away as shower cream /wash etc.....stings my eyes..whats the point of having a facial wash & not being able to put it nearer your eyes......i go onto an auction chanel & buy the clientele pink can scrub yourself in your eyes with this one.......peptide or do i know....apart from purity i only use this at the other end of the it & would like it to come to the UK & not just the USA.....
ITA.The facial wash stings my eyes to buggery.You'd think they'd put a warning on this product as so many of us have experienced this effect from the wash.:confused:
I was hoping it would be less than this...silly me. Have to see in the morning and maybe they will be kind and give us easy pays ,4 would be good:1:
If this the TSV then i wont be buying as I don't get on with the Soya wash either.
Why am i waiting up for this, am i hoping it is on 4 ez pay:53: Had the postcard today which said two supersize & three full size products.
Ordered over the net but got no confirmation. Cant see it in my account.Dont know if it has went through.How long before it should show up in your account?
ITA.The facial wash stings my eyes to buggery.
I found the same with SBC's new(ish) facial wash - it didn't just sting, it really <i>hurt</i>. I use Gale Hayman bought from Direct Cosmetics, I 'scrub' it off with a hot microfibre cloth, it lasts y-o-n-k-s. Although, at the moment I've got Beate Johnen from IW, it's similar to GH but lathers very slightly.

clemenzina (sorry for wandering)
Normally shows straightaway,sunshine.
I don't see the 2 ez pays online,do you?

No still nothing showing. No easy pay showed either.Might have been a glitch at the begining. Wont get it anyway until I come back home in Feb anyway but dont want to miss it as I want to bring it back with me.My skin all to pot here and the good skin care has all got whitening stuff in it. I will check in a few hours and just re order if not showing in the order page.
Couldn't order using Firefox, so went back to Netscape and didn't have a problem. So I managed to order two items in celebration...if I don't look booootiful after all this, think I just return to the brown paper bag:11:
Ive never tried this range...
Is it good for sensitive, dry skin?
does it have any lanolin or mineral oils in ?


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