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Jun 24, 2008
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Graham has kindly let me put this thread up on the forum, for which huge thanks! Can't thank you enough you big-hearted man!

Many of you know that I write a newsletter and do some fund-raising for my favourite local animal charity:

Cat Lovers Animal Welfare Society (CLAWS) -

CLAWS has for the first time ever put together a calendar to sell in order to raise funds.

We're only a small band of volunteers, most of whom also work full- or part-time, but we do what we can to assist in re-homing, the care and neutering of stray and neglected cats in our area. As I write, our tally since 1st January stands at 45 re-homed. 3 out of 4 of my fur companions came from CLAWS in recent years.

One of our volunteers came up with the concept and rounded up some technical and practical help and got the show on the road. The end result is a calendar of 12 of our cats which have been successfully re-homed and which is now for sale at a cost of £2.50 plus a stamped addressed envelope.

If anybody is interested in purchasing the calendar, the details are on the poster below.

Our co-ordinator Sue is hoping for a good response and we're buoyed by the news of a lovely couple who adopted from us last year reserving 50 copies as gifts for their wedding guests this summer.

Thank you for interest and many thanks in advance to anybody who feels able to support us by purchasing a calendar. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to drop me a line - otherwise, please contact CLAWS direct.

Thank you.
Sammi x


Just a quick update to say that we have managed to sell a couple of hundred calendars so far, but we still have loads left.

My great thanks to all FMs who kindly purchased direct from CLAWS.

I bought a few copies myself and it was nice to see a couple of cats in there that I homechecked myself in the past year or so, as well as the little rascal (Felix) who ate me out of house and home for over a year before I caught him and he was successfully rehomed shortly after, becoming an instant lap cat! That's what it's all about.

Thanks once again.
mwah xxx

PS: anyone interested can click on the link in my signature. my name features on the site as you will also find my newsletters on there.

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