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Jun 29, 2008
A few weeks ago QVC had a Disney Couture range on and some-one posted a link to the US site that had a lovely Skull Pendant on. I wasn't able to order it as my card wouldn't work on the US QVC site.

claudiasmum very kindly got it for me while she was over in the US.
It came today and it is lovely

It was my pleasure, I love shopping and the offer is open to all of you at ST. I will buy stuff for you from QVC ( or shops in the US) and bring the things home whenever I have a trip there
Its not something I can do on the spur of the moment, but if you have your eye on something, mail me privately and I will see what we can work out as I go to the States about twice a month

Love Lucy ( Claudiasmum)
OMG you shouldn't have said that Claudiasmum, now I wont sleep tonight, I'll be shopping listing in my head
Well it goes without saying that it has to be within reason!!!:grin:
I cant bring too much but smaller items such as jewellery and make up are fine, because I do have to post the items to you, but if you see something you really fancy, mail me privately and we will try to work something out.

I go to the Florida Mall and the shops include, Sephora, Ulta (another make up type shop and Yankee candle)
I just love shopping in the States, even though the exchange rate is not brill at the moment, the things to buy are just so much nicer, and because Im there so often I kind of end up doing my weekly shop there, everything from toothpaste to dishwasher tablets to cat food to breakfast cereal....bizarre eh??
Ah well, it makes the hard work on the flight over all worth it

Lucy (Claudiasmum)
Do you go to Premium Outlet ? there is some Disney lithographs i wanted but i forgot to pick some up when i was there 2weeks ago ..there only $1 for 4 :)
Hiya Shortcake
The outlets are a fair distance from where I stay so I can really only get there If I am flying with my friend who is happy to drive a car over there, but I will keep your request in mind

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