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Jun 30, 2008
I'm watching the Clarks shoes hour and I have to say I'm impressed with the styling, prices and they're leather too, when did Clarks become so trendy and affordable?
Yes, I agree! There were some lovely styles there. I didn't buy anything because I'd already bought some sandals from Next last week, but I was tempted.
I liked some too but am very wary because both my feet swell badly particularly in the summer.
I have always worn clarks court shoes,they are so well made, I don't think you can beat them, and yes the styles are improving , this year I was able to get myself a nice pair of wedge heeled shoes, which made a nice change for me. thmbs up
Unfortunatley I wasn't able to buy any because I've had to cancel my bank card (thieving git on ebay), do you know if you can buy the same styles in their shops?
Clarks are one of my favourites but the last couple of years, the mens range has slowly crept up to the point where I can't justify buying it out of sale. Especially the suit type shoes. Styling hasn't exactly been good either for a while in the mens range.

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The Clarks website offer free shipping and returns. Never actually ordered from them but do get newsletters. Have bought in their shop, but you need to go when a style is first in as the size 3 they only seem to get a few in.

Oh and you can go into one of the shops and order a style if it is not in.:22:
Am I right in thinking they don't do 1/2 sizes on QVC, I know some brands don't.

I don't think they had any half sizes yesterday , I didn't watch the whole show but on some of the shoes they said if you were a half size to go up one.
Can I say I nipped into the local Clarks shop in Belfast City Centre and had a nose round. Managed to grab a pair of air tech ones with £15 off in their discount. Won't say it was a sale as only certain items were reduced.
Their boots are fantastic. I recently bought a pair and they didn't rub or anything. The only thing I will say is if you are a half size then go up. I am a size 7.5 and my boots were a perfect fit at size 8.

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