Claire Sutton: Gladiator?


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Aug 18, 2009
North Cornwall.
Okidoke, I need this cleared up once and for all. Was Claire Sutton ever a Gladiator? It's sometimes mentioned on air, ever so occasionally, but I never quite catch the whole jist of it :thinking2: ..........have I got the wrong end of the stick?
Eh? Can't see it myself, she's stick thin & looks as though a puff of wind would blow her over! Maybe if they used her as one of those giant cotton bud things for bashing contestants with......? lol
Found this:

Hostess Claire Sutton was part of the cheerleading group G-Force on Gladiators and now presents for QVC. ...
By 'eck, so in a way me and Claire have crossed paths.:giggle: Me my siblings and my cousins used to get free tickets to sit in the audience at the Gladiators, and we abused that privilege. We used to go every week during the holidays.:giggle:

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