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Nov 21, 2008
When I first found this forum quite recently and started to play catch-up by reading back posts, there was one (from Sandy1 I think) which mentioned Ciccia bags. Does anyone else know this range? I think they're fabulous. Like Sandy, I've asked QVC if they would consider selling them. They don't seem to be readily available in the south, just up north and online.

Apologies to anyone who said they found the bag shows dull and dreadful!!
I have a Ciccia purse, it is lovely and my partner's niece in law has a couple of the small grab bags and they are very nice too, as good as Radley I would say (I understand the woman who used to design for Radley developed this range) so I guess it should be!
wpouldflove to see this range on qvcinstead of the kvz famliy of bags. the styles are much more sophisticated

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