Christmas in July


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Jun 29, 2008
I know I know......

But I am just a big kid inside and I get all excited and giggly at the mention of Christmas, I mean last year I was so excited I put up my deccie's in November, its true and I don't care.

Anyway does anyone know what might be the TSV or if Yankee Candles and Thomas Pacconi will have any hours on or new items on.

had a quick look on the tv guide they don't seem to have yankee candles but hanna's candles and thomas pacconi I love xmas too and always look forward to it but I'll be up in the lakes when its on and my old man would do his nut if I tried to stay in and watch it all day :p it looks like the TSV is prob something similar as last year's as its a musical one again
I love Christmas too but after the very poor quality of last year's music boxes I won't be ordering any more. I ended up have 5 sets of music boxes delivered and they were faulty, one after another. :mad:
Do you know what jools I think it was, having 4 nieces and 1 nephew to the one sis we always try to find 5 things to give them each Christmas as a keepsake and I believe it was the glass music thingies.
was that the set of six things in a glass thing (arn't I eloquent ...... not lol)
I loved them and had intended to give them as teachers pressies but kept them myself lol

No, they were the one set that actually arrived not faulty so I kept them too :D I love music boxes and will find it hard to resist the year

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