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I got my mum the marcasite/blue topaz bracelet, and my sister the snowflake amethyst pendant, the little leaf amber pendant, and she loved my big marcasite/pink pearl ring so I got her that. She was besotted with my garnet hedgehog but there weren't any left so I got her the amethyst one, but there was a mix-up/delay in my order, and John found just one in a cabinet somewhere, and remembered I'd posted on here about my sister wanting the garnet, so, lovely bloke that he is, he sent it to me with compliments as an apology for the problem...So sister has the amethyst one as well as the garnet...I could have returned the amethyst as I wouldn't have got two hedgehogs for her, but John took a lot of trouble to find that one too, and I've got loads of amethyst...We're going to her for Christmas Day so I ought to be generous! I think she'll be pleased...

My daughter only likes classic gold and diamonds and doesn't wear a lot of bling - she says there are things she needs more...15 yr old granddaughter, I bought her a 18K gold pendant last year from Gems, but she lost it somewhere in her room and hasn't found it, so the parents said no more decent jewellery until she learns to take care of it.

Son and DIL said don't get them anything this year as they're only doing prezzies for the kids, and I got them some bling last year...

Other than that, I've got 4 grandsons aged 10 months to 16 who want other stuff...
i got my mother a nice amethyst pendant
got my sister a single 1.03ct diamond ring
got my father a mattom ring with a citrine in
and lots of other orders that i have completely forgotten about. lol.
Circle topaz necklace for niece ,circle garnet necklace for other niece with sweetpeas help, karma charm bracelet for sister, peridot money clip for dad, emerald ring for son, pearl earrings for mom, topaz bracelet for daughter,peacock pearl necklace for sister in law. that means the rest was for me !!!!!
cool. i really want to buy as much as i can, thats why i asked for Rocks TV help team to expand my basket space to 10 items at a time lol.

*Keep Posting :) :32: *
Hello Jacobgurr and welcome to shopping telly.

For my sister-in-law- with this from some of the children to match it

For my mother-in-law- and one of the gold chains but I can't remember which

Son's girlfriend- a silver necklace with five different coloured pearls that doesn't seem to be in stock now.

This is a stocking filler for my older girl-

A stocking filler for my younger daughter-

I have a 'few' other bits and pieces tucked away for birthdays throughout the year. ;)
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hi jacobgurr and welcome
I got sister Amethyst yellow gold ring
also a Zircon gold ring for brother in law to give to her(he paid)
My hubby a matton ring and some loose stones so that he can change the look
Brother in law money clip
that is all the close family i have who i would give a personal gift to
everyone else tends to get decent wine ,chocs,or biscuits lol
Coffee pearl and smokey quartz necklace for my mother - thinking of getting her the malachite one, too, as she loves green.

Black pearl scarf for my aunt and the cream one for my cousin (her duaghter), plus a shiva shell ring for my cousin.

Sounds a bit stingy compared with some of some other people's purchases...!

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