Christine Hamilton will be joining Caroline Lyndsay for Celebrity Selection, this Saturday, on Rocks & Co.


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Christine Hamilton will be joining Caroline Lyndsay for
Celebrity Selection, this Saturday, on Rocks & Co.

<img src="/images/christine.jpg" border="1" alt="Christine Hamilton" title="Christine Hamilton" hspace="3" vspace="3" align="right" />The fabulous Christine Hamilton will be making a guest appearance on Rocks and Co. with Caroline Lyndsay for this week’s Celebrity Selection. The two hour special airs this coming Saturday, October 12th, at 6pm on Sky channel 642. <br /> <br />Christine acquired media celebrity overnight when she passionately supported her husband in his political ambitions. She became renowned as a strong female figure and earned herself various accolades ranging from ‘The Battling Lioness’ to the ‘The Battleaxe’. Christine indulged this caricature, proving herself light-hearted and fun in her first book ‘Christine Hamilton's Book of British Battleaxes’ published in 1997. She has since embraced the limelight and won the public’s affections with her intelligence, strong-will and gutsy attitude, which is only strengthened by her compassion and fierce loyalty. Christine has built an impressive repertoire of television and radio appearances, from entertainment to news and current affairs programs. Today, she is hailed a role model for women everywhere, as the public have come to admire and adore her.<br /><br />Ever in high demand, Christine Hamilton makes regular appearances on television and radio and never fails to inform and entertain. On the original ITV series 'I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here' in 2002 she enchanted viewers with her natural charm, sense of humour, common sense and kindness, emerging a true Queen of the Jungle! Her critically acclaimed BBC Choice series, ‘The Christine Hamilton Show’ proved her to be a natural and perceptive interviewer. Her repertoire includes everything from ‘Have I Got News for You’, ‘Bo Selecta’ and ‘Harry Hill’ to ‘Any Questions’, ‘Loose Women’ and ‘Newsnight’. She presented a 10-part Granada series ‘Home’ and deputised on ‘Open House’ and ‘This Morning'.<br /><br />When she is not enlivening our screens, Christine is involving herself in Charity fundraisers, speaking at luncheons, dinners and gatherings of all kinds, engaging the public with her charm and humour. She has written a weekly column for the ‘Western Daily Press’, a monthly column for gay magazine ‘Refresh’ and ad hoc for national newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Christine has also been involved with various advertising; fronting TV, newspaper and magazine campaigns and has recently received critical acclaim since delightedly dipping her toe into the world of theatre.<br /><br />Join Christine Hamilton and Caroline Lyndsay for Celebrity Selection this Saturday, Rocks & Co., Sky channel 642, on Saturday at 6pm and enjoy two hours of her wit, humour, hilarious stories and great value jewellery, now with falling auctions which Christine herself has selected from the fabulous Rocks & Co. portfolio. Don’t miss the opportunity to text Christine; send Celeb and your question to 82222 or e-mail <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.<!--StartSdNewsForum--><br /><br />
Well, at least I've actually heard of her, which is more than I can say for Helen whatshername!!! :D
Ha ha! I'm the same as you, M4G ... I don't know who all these so-called celebrities have been! (Apart from Helen from Big Brother ... but, "celebrity"?!)

Anyhow ... I have to say that I find Neil & Christine Hamilton absolutely hilarious and really entertaining. (Perhaps I am a bit odd!) I will probably watch that!
I've met her and she was OK

It was a charity dinner & the Hamiltons were hosting the table I was on. They did a good job, really easy to talk to and interested in people.

The thing that really impressed me was when the fire alarm went off. The hotel was evacuated and we were all sent outside for half-an-hour (not good in evening dresses in Winter!) The Hamiltons joined in with the rest of us, whereas the other celebrities summoned their drivers and were whisked off.

Can ony judge on that brief meeting but I was impressed.
OMGoodness what won't the Hamiltons do for money?

well I for one will not buy anything from this channel if this is the "celebritie" they are hiring
I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater because I really do like a lot of their jewellery but I hate the whole 'celebrity', (nearly always D-list,)thing so am unlikely to watch those hours.:24:
Being famous for talents, good works or even beauty is one thing but just being on Big Brother or being married to a once notorious MP doesn't cut it for me.Definately notorious rather than celebrated.
Perhaps they should be called 'well-known survivors' instead of 'celebrities'?:33:
I honestly think that the best presenters,(on all the jewellery channels,)Have got more talent in their little fingers than most of these so-called 'celebrities.:1:
Phew!!! Rant overI think I've worked up enough steam to paint the hall!!:4:

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