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You got it AllThatGlitters...........

Obviously going to be as big a STAR as her Mum.........
Yes AllThat Glitters she is the constantly mentioned Sophie, I don't think it will make the top 10. lol.
Yep that is JR's daughter. She joined this group a few months ago, they are managed by Joy, the plus size model as QVC like to call her, she does a lot of YBF make shows and Stacey is always mentioning the group and was doing it even more last time she was on as Sophie had joined!!!!
She's just like Julia! Blimey - you could see it in the mannerisms and the way she was singing :) . the beginning why oh why oh why did she have to do that thing that lots of non-American singers do when they speak and say her name in a fake American accent? V annoying.
Julia was presenting an electrical show tonight and they were showing a computer and guess what music clip they showed??? :rolleyes:
No...:11:, she's shameless.

I like Julia Roberts BUT this recent, constant mentioning of her daughter is starting to grind on me. She was talking about the Butler and Wilson party the other day and mentioned that "Sophie" had worn a gold, sequin covered mini dress. I bet that there will be photographs on the presenter blog very soon along with that embarassing video of the group singing. I think that the presenters should stick to presenting and not try to "upgrade" themselves or their family members to minor celebrity status or promote their second carriers. Granted, I enjoy the personal approach to the QVC presentation technique and have no objection to the mention, in passing, of children\husbands\parents\pets, but it has to have a limit.

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