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Nov 21, 2008
Can I just clarify how this works. I'm assuming that you ring and order via an operator and they put the item aside until your cheque arrives and clears, giving the added benefit of more thinking time in case you change your mind. Is there a maximum time limit they will hold it for you or do you have to let them know if you wish to cancel the order?
14 working days I think then they will cancel it without informing you
I ordered the kipling TSV on the web and have used cheque hold as I dont get paid till Friday,then on Friday I will change my payment method to switch card.
I assume you can also order on Qcut and choose the cheque option
You can order online or by Qcut, but must not use the express checkout.

Its 10 days but if you phone up and say oh sorry I forgot to post the cheque they will hold it a bit longer if need be. You cannot get easy pay or audio delivery with cheque payment.

If you order items and then don't send the cheque and don't cancel they have before withdrawn cheque payment from people. You can phone customer service to cancel or send them a email.

I used to use cheque payment as they QVC did not take Electron, it was very handy if you where short and needed to wait until pay day. Then my bank changed my card to Visa card anyway.

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