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Jun 24, 2008
London, UK
hi there,
just a heads up...i have just found out that loads of qvc purchases did not track with quidco...the form submitted to raise a ticket has slightly changed as qvc are now requesting that an email address is included (so i am not sure if qvc are starting to monitor internet purchases more) but please check that your quidco transactions have tracked!
Thanks for that LLL,

None of mine have ever tracked but I can't be bothered to chase them up, I've made quite a few purchases recently and I know I forgot to do Quidco on one or two.
Perhaps from now on I will write them down to try and keep track.
Hi Jan...I have found it easier to open my QVC account page in one window and a ticket on quidco on another. Quidco comes up with a list of dates that you went onto the QVC website and looking at the dates on your QVC account will show the dates of orders...just match those that are the same, copy and paste the order no, the order total, and your account number and the whole thing is is a bit annoying have to do it, but Quidco make it relatively painless! HTH!
I have switched from quidco to topcashback, where so far all my purchases have been tracked, and they don't ask for a £5 a year payment either.
I had problems with quidco for an insurance policy cashback and purchases from feelunique which where first tracked, 1 month later they disappeared. Also, not all my qvc purchases got tracked either
I dont have problems with any of my purchases tracking, just remember to clear your cookies first, before logging in to Quidco.
None of my QVC purchases tracked for many months now I always have to submit an enquiry, most other Quidco transactions track ok though. With QVC it used to be you had to wait 14 days before submitting an enquiry but now it is just 1 day, I suspect they are just expecting all to submit an enquiry now and none will track automatically.
I've received payment from my most recent purchase but there are three older orders that have been tracked but not validated. Will I have to contact Quidco about this?

Thanks for this thread as I'd forgotten to check lately.
Thank You LLL,

I will look into it when my brain gets into gear, LOL.
Well I've just checked and not one QVC purchase shows up, last time I will go through Quidco. I should have written things down, silly me.

I may have missed doing a couple through Quidco but I've done plenty of other via it.
Hi all...I'm not an expert on any of this, but just in case it helps -

Quidco is one of several sites that reward you for going through them when making online purchases with their partners...effectively you can get points or money depending on the site. Quidco, topcashback, wepromiseto are all established, but there are others.

All you have to do is remember to click on the company you want to purchase through the cashback site. If you do this and any order does not track, the cashback site should record the date of the visit (even if it does not record the transaction) so you can just click on the date the site has on your account and fill in the necessary details.

Hope that makes sense!
I use Rpoints and they always track QVC. In fact the only failure I had was with WHS before Christmas ( or was it HMV, can't remember which one).

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