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Nov 8, 2008
Hi everyone,
I have just joined the forum and this is my first listing. Hopefully it will be of some help.

Here is a list of alternative numbers for Ideal World, Bid tv, Price drop etc... which are way cheaper than the premium rate they ask you to call.
Also, if you use a lot of 0870,0871 to ring credit card numbers/water rates etc... if you go to this website and type in either the telephone number/business name it should bring up a list of numbers to avoid using their premium rates.


BID TV,PRICE-DROP ETC:- 02083383900

IDEAL WORLD - IN FIRST:- 01733 887171/177/178
CUST SERV 01733 887123
ORDERS 01733 887112/113/117
sharzy16 a warm welcome from me most people knew that but its good to remind them

but what gets me is if you see an item on price drop say but it has a different phone number will that number still work for that item
cheaper premium rate calls

Hi supercoolwillow,

OOPS...didn't realise it was common knowledge. Regarding your question I have only used this to ring ideal world and some credit card customer services so don't know if it works when ordering on the shopping channels with automated systems

Hopefully someone else will get back to us on that...

Thanks Sharzy I must be the last person left in the UK who didn't know.Very useful.
HAve they cottoned on to this? I've just tried the numbers and they are now "Not recognised"!!!!!

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