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Aug 11, 2009
:headbang:I am so sorry - I know we are only supposed to be saying nice things about presenters but I am trying to watch the scrapbooking hour (rarity) - obviously not going to buy as I am FARTING, but Charlie is doing my head in. He keeps over selling every item including "why don't you buy two as it is such a bargain price" and keeps waffling on about every item in raptures. I hate this over selling - perhaps he hasn't met his targets for the month. For goodness sake just stop talking so much and let the products do the talking with Rosemary showing her samples. Erghhhh
In the jewellery outlet he said about a pair of Joan Rivers earrings. Picture the ball gown. Just thought, rolled up newspaper and a smack round the head. Might knock some sense into the idiot.
I know he can be a bit smarmy sometimes but i find him strangely attractive::blush:
I like Charlie, but you say what you want bartybabe! If a presenter is doing our nut's in and stopping us enjoying watching the hour we want to, then why shouldn't we say so! After all it's the products we're interested in not the seller.
Me too!!! Although I can watch Charlie in small doses

Very small doses Shop, lol.. And when he starts doing what he does with his hands.. Not sure how to explain, but it gets on my pip :angry:
Good old Dale, always seems genuinely interested in what he's selling & does his homework.. Makes me laugh a bit too, lol :grin:
The constant references to QVC do my head in.
He's probably a nice guy but I can't watch him for more than a few minutes at a time.
I just keep thinking of those trousers he wore when he was at the Chelesa flower show. Talk about putting your bulbs out early:cheeky::cheeky:
I like Charlie have met him and he is a really nice guy very tall he is. And I said to him "take a look...................... And he laughed. He has a good sense of humour he was polite and pleasent.
I was watching him present the Nails Inc hour at the weekend and he cracked me up, he and the woman from Nails Inc were a great double-act.
:heart: Charlie's a great guy. The producer will be telling him to push people to order extra so he's just doing his job and he does it well. I can never understand why some people don't like him and I'm sure if you met him (which I have) you would be charmed by him! :sun:
I'm another Charlie fan. I agree that he seems to get on well with the guests, I've noticed in particular that he and Dawn always seem to have a real laugh when they present together.
He seems like a sweet guy but he's certainly had a charisma by-pass. I wonder how he got the job in the first place.

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