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Aug 31, 2008
Prestwich manchester
:mad:Has anyone else had a problem with these bags?

Ref: item no 140044 small Croco clutch purse for £53 75 inc p&p

This is advertised by QVC as 100% leather - as you would expect for that price!

I took mine out once and one of the inner pockets split away from the main bag and it was sticky with glue at the seam and I realised that the entire inner facing of the purse was in paper-thin plastic that smelt worse than any cheap import from a cut-price bazzar!

I am now waiting for a return label before the long wait for a refund!

This is not the only faulty item I have had to send back recently, there was a Sagem DTR Freeview box and 2 replacements that didn't record properly.

As a customer for 14 years I really believe that their quality control has seriously declined.

No doubt I shall be getting one oif those letters any time now!
Don't worry Joyla - you're not the only one who thinks these bags are overpriced & not very good quality. I'm about to send the two Charlie Lapson bags I ordered back. One isn't too bad but they described the colour as 'bone' which I assumed (perhaps wrongly) would be a creamy/ivory colour. However it's actually light grey - which had they said this on the presentation I wouldn't have ordered. And at £171 it's definitely going back. The quality on that bag though is quite good.

I also ordered the Animal print tote bag which for £184 I expected to be top dollar quality. However, a bit like you, on closer inspection it revealed itself to be a very thin film of bonded leather, so once scuff and it's peeling. Then between this thin veil of leather and the bag lining is all I can describe as a foam layer making it feel like a sumptous leather. Very Disappointing!!

I think I'll just stick to his Diamonique designs and Kathy Van Zeeland bags!

Twinklette x

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